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Wacky Waves

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for visualization where the imagined marketing element is an interactive moving part of the environment. The tube-man, or as some people say, a wind-man, sky-dancer, air-dancer, fly-guy etc. (originally called the Tall Boy), is just like that. This attention-getting device attracts the eye from quite a distance by its movements! It can be made in the form of a simple tube, in a single-legged or two-legged design, but it does not change the essence. The success of fly-guy is unbroken! The figure is blown by a high-powered fan, so it requires a continuous power supply to operate. The fan that drives the sky-dancer, completed with normal or controlled LED lighting, can be an even better attention-grabbing advertising medium for you or your company.



felfújható óriás heineken labda

Inflatable sphere

Inflatable interactive advertising tools are becoming an increasingly popular products at festivals and events. In addition to inflatable giant balls made for a unique, custom corporate image, the market needed something new, that is following the trends, goes further than traditional things. A Go-Pro camera which is hidden in a ball made of special material and manufacturing process can provide such interactive and innovative shots of the event marked with your name that you have never dared to dream of so far.


inflatable Go-Pro camera equipped festival ball


The inflatable, camera-mounted custom giant ball need to go through a special procedure to be able to receive a high-resolution HD or UHD camera. With the help of the camera, the inflatable advertising tool, which has so far simply encouraged the involvement of the audience, is supplemented a new feature that can show the special atmosphere of a truly unique festival from an unprecedented perspective.


Inflatable airtight planets, company logos, interactive balls

felfújható óriás mini bud gömb

Festivals and Events

Inflatable exhibition spheres


The inflatable exhibition spheres are the most popular products among the general advertising balloons after the cold-air start-finish arch gates. Their success is due to their relatively fast manufacturing time and their shape placed in space. The most accepted layouts in our world are based on perpendiculars and parallels. The spherical shape causes an optical differentiation that is in complete contrast to the world around it, and as a result it is quite an eye-catching object.


An air-blown, suspended or floor-mounted advertising sphere may be made of standard-grade PVC, or even PES in case of simple colors, that is to say red or blue or yellow, or a mixture thereof, in contrast to a color that is based on a specific color code.

inflatable exhibition balls with LED

Inflatable advertising column

felfújható Taxi hirdető oszlop

Inflatable mobile advertising columns, billboards, displays are especially important when an event, wedding, or anything that is of high priority needs to be on a low budget. In terms of material, they can be normal textiles with PU, PE backing, laminated PVCs, or air-tight, simple PES.

They are quick to install and can be stored in a tiny place, once the promotion is over, - depending on their size - they might even fit in a small box. The operation of them does not require expertise, so they are popular media anywhere and anytime.

Custom shape inflatables

The inflatable giant custom advertising balloon is especially suitable for product placement and sales campaigns. Whether about anything that comes to mind, it is an excellent medium towards the customers because of its size! Festival, product launch, unique promotion, special sales? A unique, custom made advertising balloon tailored to your brand identity will sure stand out from the gray!


Inflatable, Unique, Advertising Devices - Illuminated, Essential

The materials of the unique, custom-shaped advertising tools move on a very broad scale. As technology advances, there are now many UV stable, moderately, and highly airtight fabrics on the market, some of them correspond to the highest fire protection standards (Ex: DIN 4102-1 B1-M1). Products made from such materials are all can be used in any event, festival, or conference.


- 3D visualization from 2D
- can be folded to a small size
- use of standard or special materials
- colored in the raw material, printed on it, or heat sublimated
- exterior or interior LED lighting


Ideal for:
- sport events
- festivals
- exhibitions
- weddings
- different events

Egyedi felfújható óriás reklámballon

Inflatable archways

The trump ace that can be used for everything “and more”.

Inflatable arches are among the products of the advertising market that are not bound by any restrictions. The form and appearance can be so diverse that there is almost no promotion, product placement, exhibition, fair or festival at which you could not use them. The most common shape of advertising arches or gates is the traditional trapezoidal shape, but the squares and arches, as options are also part of the palette, which are tailored and made unique with different design elements. Their size ranges from small to giant, their shape from flat to cylindrical, or might come in any other form. Exhibiting companies and sports event organizers prefer to use them when e.g. they should display the sponsors as advertisements: like Borsodi brewery for example, or a detergent company, or some other organization.


Felfújható reklám kapu

Pneumatic advertising devices

The most common material of welded advertising devices and product replicas is PVC in Hungary, which has become so popular due to its low purchase price, air retaining and in its low melting point. It is not well-known that this material is not the most suitable and appropriate for making airtight products for quite a few reasons.

The most ideal material for airtight advertising devices is TPU (Thermoplasticurethan) which is not only highly fictile, easy to be formed, but rather flexible to work with it. Inflatable products made of this material have excellent air holding properties and can be sufficiently loaded. Welded advertisements have one very bad feature, as any helium-inflatable or air-tight product in general does, that even the slightest damage would make the product unusable.

inflatable airtight tusk
airtight advertising column