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Inflatable exhibition spheres, balls

The inflatable exhibition spheres are the most popular products among the general advertising balloons after the cold-air start-finish arch gates. Their success is due to their relatively fast manufacturing time and their shape placed in space. The most accepted layouts in our world are based on perpendiculars and parallels. The spherical shape causes an optical differentiation that is in complete contrast to the world around it, and as a result it is quite an eye-catching object.

From simple to complex

The usability of advertising spheres is greatly influenced by their material.When placed outdoors,  the material can be cost-effective PVC or PTP, possibly lightened normal PES, if the product is not filled with helium, ergo will not float on its own.

The color, placement, the design, or logo may greatly influence the price of the finished product: it can decrease, or increase accordingly. An air-blown, suspended or floor-mounted advertising sphere may be made of standard-grade PVC, or even PES in case of simple colors, that is to say red or blue or yellow, or a mixture thereof, in contrast to a color that is based on a specific color code.

Example: If a dear customer wants a 2.4m, air-blown, blue-yellow or red-white ball, a ball with no or only a few logos, it is much more cost-effective than the same product made of the brand, or firm corporate colors. If the inflatable advertising device is even required to float, then it must be made by using a special, ultra-light fabric, the price of the finished product can be up to three times the price of the standard product.


The most commonly used basic material for inflatable advertising spheres is PVC, which is available in almost all shapes, colors and thicknesses. It can be bought on the market at low costs, but beyond this advantage the most important benefits of it is that is easy to clean it, and that it is also sufficiently durable, at least the thicker types (480-600g/m2) The biggest heartache of our partners who sell or use inflatable products is caused by the weight of the material - some products can weigh up to 50 kg - or their premature wear.
Keeping these considerations in mind, we were almost the first on the market who introduced air-inflated lightened TPU PES fabrics which is not only easier to handle, but also more resistant to UV radiation.

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