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Inflatable custom shape figures

The inflatable giant custom advertising balloon is especially suitable for product placement and sales campaigns. Whether about anything that comes to mind, it is an excellent medium towards the customers because of its size! Festival, product launch, unique promotion, special sales? A unique, custom made advertising balloon tailored to your brand identity will sure stand out from the gray!

Advantage at the exhibitor - The maze of logistics




Are you attending a festival and missing the essential, long-established corporate identity and branding? Do you find it expensive to move to an exhibition? Hard to find an expert? Is it difficult to  get a license, or you are below the budget for the canvas to be installed on Tom-Cat racks of huge aluminum frames not to mention the incurring huge logistics costs? Look no further! Nowadays, there is almost no exhibition or sports event in Hungary in which the vast majority of branding, and corporate elements would not occur by means of an inflatable installation!

felfújható Minecraft zombie balloon
felfújható Suzuki F350 hajó motor termékmásolat

Outside LED

inside LED tape




Nornal or certified PVC / PES


DIN 4102-1 FR PES

Custom shape / Unique