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Inflatable 3D Logos

It is an advertising inflatable mascot figure, and the company logo to which everyone creates a feeling, or experience!

For a company the mascot figure that is built into the public consciousness carries unique elements without which the corporate image, the brand is like McDonald's, without Ronald. Whole generations has grown up and identified the quality of the product with it. These inflatable advertising devices, perhaps the only representatives of the new generation of marketing types, that can rightly to be said being the queens of giant inflatable advertising balloons. Due to their construction, they certainly do not belong to the "cheap" category, but they surely have a commanding appearance. Although, as with any new product in general, the uniqueness of inflatable figures is decisive, it is rather their size and the meticulous richness of details - thanks to the revolution of printing technology - that makes them stand out.


inflatable 3D logos

Base materials





The materials of the unique, custom-shaped advertising tools move on a very broad scale. As technology advances, there are now many UV stable, moderately, and highly airtight fabrics on the market, some of them correspond to the highest fire protection standards (Ex: DIN 4102-1 B1-M1). Products made from such materials are all can be used in any event, festival, or conference.


Printing / Heat sublimation

Custom advertising balloons are manufactured after a special cut pattern, in a unique, custom shape, size and corporate branding colors.
Because the color is unique in almost all cases it is applied to the base material (white) by a heat sublimation process on the basis of a so-called ICC profile, which guarantees to meet the highest requirements required by the customer.

inflatable lamp
inflatable decor