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Inflatable Displays

Billboards, sponsor walls

The sponsor wall has become a popular venue for advertising campaigns. People love to make a selfie in front of them. When we make something that everyone knows public, expose them, display them nicely, the product or service associated with it stays in the memory of the interested for longer than anything else.

An inflatable advertising column, totem, is not just a stretched canvas or paper wall, but a shape, product replica, etc. that can be visualized in space in three dimensions in a plastic tangible form, which can simply become the center of a given group just because its own presence. Unlike other mobile advertising equipments made of rigid frames or inflexible materials, inflatable marketing tools can fit in a small space, weigh just a few kg and are more cost effective in terms of logistics.

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Outside LED

inside LED tape



-Eco/Mild Solvent

Normal or certified PVC / PES


DIN 4102-1 FR PES

-cylinder, drop

-cone, log






Advertising inflatable totem




Today, when we spend most of our lives building our lives and learning most of the products that are important to us through advertisements, it is necessary to use a mobile advertising platform by which we can let the consumers learn what we are good at, where we are pros. In this case, the biggest problem is the quantity of the right billboards and their market price.

Inflatable billboards are meant to fill this gap, this niche in the verge of the advertising market. Anyone who works in this field knows that the rent of the space and the price of the announcement on it is not in accordance with the appearance time. Even if we choose a very short time interval and determine the appearance e.g. in a week, it will cost us a fortune.

The air-blown mobile billboard provide sufficient display for us for many months, in addition to being stationary, and cost-effective both winter and summer. There are no strings attached, it can be illuminated and you can change your branding on it at any time you want.

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