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Inflatable Advertising Products - Questions and Answers


- Giant inflatable advertising tools

Dear Visitor! The fact, that you are looking here, gathering inspiration, inquiring, means you want something really percussive. However, before you choose and order the most suitable inflatable product for yourself, it would be important to decide in certain questions. See below



-What technology should be used?

Welded, glued (air retainer) or sewn (pressurized)? Both have advantages and disadvantages as well. The first is only recommended specifically for indoor use due to the absence of a blowing motor, while the second can be used both indoors and outdoors, since it requires continuous blowing.



-Welded or glued inflatable advertising devices

The best feature of welded, air-blown, or helium advertising devices lies in their quiet usability. Filled with helium it creates a magnificent sight, a floating inflatable high in the sky immediately attracts the eye, it comes to the center of attention in no time. There is no need for a power source to operate them, thanks to the welded technology, whether filled with helium or being a direct, fan-blown version! They can be ideal for conferences or as floating advertisements.



In case a welded (air-tight) advertising device is damaged, it is almost certain to be removed from the line of decorations for the duration of the renovation. As the repair can only be done when it is fully deflated, operating them outdoors bears a high risk from both financial and festival success’ points of view! Before ordering, please keep it mind.


Recommended application areas:


-Indoor conferences
-Interactive advertising tools for festivals






Sewn (blowing motor) inflatable advertising balloons

-Advertising devices operating on overpressure principle are made with sewing technology, therefore a fan must constantly blow air into it. The incoming air leaves by the seams almost imperceptibly, thus keeping the product under even pressure. In terms of their form, almost any kind can be manufactured. Product replica?, Event gate? Giant advertising ball that can be thrown by people? Advertising column (cylinder), inflatable 3D fairy tale figure?, 3D company logo? Social icon? Not a problem!



-Where will be the product placed?

This is important because the proper application of the right technology is chosen in the knowledge of the raw materials not only holds a lot of money in your pocket, but greatly affects the warranty of an inflatable product. Selecting an inappropriate basic and auxiliary materials degrade product quality, usability and last but not least the attitude of the customer towards the product and manufacturer.



-What size should the inflatable advertising be?

Mára a technológia fejlődésének köszönhetően, reklám ballonként, a környezeti kívánalmak ismeretében szinte bármi elkészíthető. Felfújható színház terem, mozi, szabadtéri buborék ház, termék másolat, hirdető oszlop, 3D kabala figura, sőt, akár még egy privát autó garázs (car buble, show room) is. Ahhoz, viszont, hogy ez biztonsággal meg is álljon, ismernünk kell a méreteket. Pl. egy 3m magas, 15cm átmérőjű felfújható henger (cső), nem fog megtartani egy 4m-es gömböt. A méretből adódó fontos tényező még, hogy a megjelenítendő figura, termék másolat, stb. mennyire kell, hogy hasonlítson az eredeti termékhez. A minél nagyobb, annál jobb jelző itt abszolút helytálló.



-Material qualification requirements:

In many cases it would be justified to manufacture a product from B1-M1 standard material from the exhibitions’, festivals’ or events’ points of views, yet, due to cost-effectiveness, it is often decided that the traditional certification will be just enough. If you certain that you would like to use the product frequently and want to operate it safely everywhere, make sure to choose this option! There have been examples when high value products could not appear at an exhibition because the proper certificates were lacking.



What is practicable as an inflatable advertisement?

Almost anything can be designed and manufactured as a giant inflatable advertising balloon, and than it advertises you round the clock, and last but not least, it may appear on almost every front of the media. Are you tired of the usual clichés? Cannot find a contractor, or developer? You have the idea, but you hit walls everywhere? With us, not only a sky-fly, but even the wall can be inflated! Stick to your idea give it a go and leave the rest to us!


- guides the customers!
- promotes the brand!
- increase the sales!
- elicits positive emotional reactions!
- establishing contact!










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