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Inflatable Archways

It can be curved, it can be trapezoidal, it can be small, large, even giant, symmetrical or one-sided, inflatable start and finish line gates, they are the most successful products of giant advertising devices. In addition to the various forms, their awareness is caused by the positive reactions and feedbacks that can be measured almost instantly. It is used countless times as valid affiliate marketing advertising, or at product launch, as e.g. a guest waiting for a particular event. There are plenty of surfaces on it that make the inflatable gate, arch suitable for visual display of both sponsors and advertised products.

inflatable custom shape archways

The most commonly used basic material for inflatable advertising arches is PVC, which is available in almost all shapes, colors and thicknesses. It can be bought on the market at low costs, but beyond this advantage the most important benefits of it is that is easy to clean it, and that it is also sufficiently durable, at least the thicker types (480-600g/m2)

The biggest heartache of our partners who sell or use inflatable products is caused by the weight of the material - some products can weigh up to 50 kg - or their premature wear.

Keeping these considerations in mind, we were almost the first on the market who introduced air-inflated lightened PES fabrics which is not only easier to handle, but also more resistant to UV radiation.

inflatable pneumatics archways
Durable solutions, ultra light fabrics

The vast majority of inflatable advertising companies work on standard clichés and sizes. The biggest advantage of this is that they can manufacture their products relatively easily, based on templates. But many times questions like these arise: What if the customer wants a different, an out-of-standard size than usual, and what if they are coming up with some qualification criteria?

Our company, Balloon'os, is specialized specifically to meet individual needs and sizes. Of course, we also make basic models, but almost nothing can cause a problem for us in terms of shapes and colors.
We know that our customers often do not have the opportunity to make compromises due to the limited space requirements set by festivals and exhibitions, therefore we design and manufacture the vast majority of our products based on the given needs and expectations. Why would you buy an advertising tool that is different from the size and shape you consider ideal?

Size and design tailored to your needs
inflatable christmas archways

Inside LED

LED tape



-Mild Solvent

Nornal PVC / PES

DIN 4102-1 FR PES


Custom shape





Custom shape inflatable arch
custom shape inflatable archway