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inflatable event decorations

Inflatable advertising balloon systems

What are you missing for a successful advertising campaign? A 3m high advertising column? An inflatable unique giant advertising arch gate? Perhaps an air-blown or 3D advertising figure? Almost all of these that can be manufactured as an advertising balloon, have been manufactured by us over the past 20 years, except the one you have in your mind right now!

A unique advertising balloon has plenty of positive features in addition to being inflatable, easy to use, mobile and eye-catching. The most prevalent forms of the advertising balloons are: the inflatable column, the giant festival ball, the helium sphere, the advertising arch gate, and the advertising wall; but an air-blown mascot figure, an advertising air puppet, an action hero, or product replica can also be made just as easily to serve as a promotional item.


inflatable Drone obstacle course

Everything that is inflatable!

The inflatable start-finish line arch gate can be an excellent choice for the reception and guiding the guests of an event, or when you would like to highlight a certain event from the hustle and bustle of a festival perhaps. They may take the form of traditional trapezoidal in shape, but there are other popular solutions as well, such as the display of the inflatable replica of some product like  a beer bottle, a cosmetic article, or other organic industrial goods.


The inflatable arcways, gates and entrance tunnels are manufactured in accordance with our customers’ wishes. There are no template sizes, no compromises, just you and your idea. In terms of design, we can supply them with raw canvas, but they can also be produced with your full corporate identity print. You can think bravely in terms of shapes, since almost any idea can be turned into an advertising balloon.

Inflatable archways

Inflatable advertising arches

Contrary to common misconceptions, helium advertising sphere, is not flammable! Although the substance meets the DIN4102-1 B1 FR standard and the fabric is soaked with flame retardant liquid, a number of events do not give consent for helium installations referring to fire reasons.

Helium filled advertising sphere inflatables

inflatable festival decorations

Inflatable structures, buildings, tents, domes are gaining ground over traditional architecture e.g. aluminum-framed event tents more and more. Since the supporting structure - thanks to a special procedure it is the air itself -, there is no need for large storage halls and a large number of service staff for the transport and installation. If we take into account the costs of the installation and operation of a similar building created by traditional methods, it is immediately apparent that buildings made with inflatable technology are lighter, can be designed for particular campaign, branding, or corporate identity and in most of the cases they are more cost-effective as well

Inflatable decorations

Inflatable visual representation of custom and standard concepts

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An inflatable product manufactured according to your pre-prepared budget from the cheapest suitable materials available on the market.l

An inflatable product manufactured according to your pre-prepared visual plans from materials best suited to the purpose and available on the market.

Inflatable products manufactured using materials and technology we find the best based on the design requested by the customer.

Manufacturing inflatable products requested by the customer using premium quality materials and technology we consider the best

inflatable cusom shape mascot figures

Custom shape inflatable giant mascot

Do you need a giant 3D display in a cheap, cost-effective form compared to the market price? If you need spectacular, inflatable advertising that can be installed in a matter of minutes and can be carried even in a sports bag after use, the cold air advertising balloon is an excellent choice. Nowadays, on large events with lots of people, it is mandatory to use advertising devices made of special materials that meet the highest fire protection standards. It can be ideal as an eye candy, a special visual effect, or design element in order to create a special atmosphere during opening shows, festivals and parades.

inflatable CEV MIKASA ball

How can we be of your service?

hot air shape inflatables

Proven fact:


a strong visual impression, visual impact makes the product or service associated with it stay in the   consumer’s mind for longer period than anything else. Deliver unique customer experience and skyrocket the sales of your products or services with attention-grabbing  advertising inflatables!